The teeth you have as a child get replaced by your adult, permanent teeth. But there are other teeth that come in much later. These are your third molars, but most people know them as wisdom teeth. They can start coming in when you are anywhere between 15 and 30 years old. Most of the time, your wisdom teeth cause problems when they appear and may need for wisdom tooth extraction. Call our dental office for your wisdom tooth extraction Aventura, FL area appointment.

Even if they don’t cause you pain or damage your teeth when they show up, they could be at a much higher risk of tooth decay and infection. Teeth can be extracted for any number of reasons, including untreated bacterial infections and to make room for your other teeth. Wisdom teeth can have these problems, too, but they also have their own issues.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need Removing?

One of the most common reasons for wisdom tooth extraction is because there isn’t room for them. Because they come in so late, wisdom teeth are not like your other permanent teeth. They aren’t replacing primary teeth that are supposed to fall out anyway. Your wisdom teeth could push the rest of your teeth out of alignment as they try to fit in. Even if there’s room, wisdom teeth can come in too close to the other molars and damage them in the process. Additionally, your gums can create an opening when the wisdom teeth break through, trapping food or bacteria between the gums and tooth. This increases the risk of cavities in both your wisdom tooth and nearby teeth.

How Are They Extracted?

The specific tooth extraction process depends on how far the wisdom teeth have come in. For the most part, it will be like any tooth extraction: We clean the surrounding area, use local anesthesia to numb the area, use specialized tools to loosen the wisdom tooth, and then carefully remove it. It’s common for your wisdom teeth to still be partially covered by your gums, in which case Dr. Bistritz will remove enough of the tissue to allow the wisdom tooth to come out. Once the tooth is out, Dr. Bistritz will seal the area using stitches.

What Should Happen After The Procedure?

Because this is an important procedure, there are steps you should take afterward to heal properly. First, do not irritate the area by poking at it with your fingers or tongue. Over-the-counter pain relievers can be taken as needed, but make sure you do not take aspirin, as that can thin your blood and make it harder to clot. Dr. Bistritz may prescribe pain medications or antibiotics, which should be taken as instructed. You will likely bleed a little bit, especially at first. You should avoid strenuous activities and eat liquid or soft foods for the first few days.

While there are rare cases when the wisdom teeth come in properly, they usually have to be removed to protect the rest of your teeth and even your general health. Dr. Bistritz has the training and modern tools necessary to extract your wisdom teeth with minimum discomfort and inconvenience. To schedule your wisdom tooth extraction Aventura, FL appointment, or if you have any questions about what extracting your wisdom teeth might entail, call us today at 786-681-1127 or use our convenient online form.



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