The drawbacks from having teeth covered with imperfections and stains are obvious. The less you like your smile, the lower your confidence and self-esteem. Why would you want to show people teeth that you are embarrassed about? And that’s only the problem with the way it looks. When your teeth have small chips or cracks on them, they can slowly grow larger and fracture the tooth even more. You can address both the look and health of your teeth with our prepless dental veneers.

What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are very thin pieces of porcelain that attach to the front of your teeth. Each veneer is custom-made to fit a particular tooth, so it will look completely natural. When placed, the veneer covers over any chips or cracks. It also covers up the dull, stained color of your natural tooth with a bright, white look. Because they completely transform your smile so quickly, veneers are often nicknamed “instant orthodontics.” They are also very strong and durable, so you will not have to change your diet, and you can still brush and floss like normal.

Do They Just Hide Problems? 

Not at all. Dental veneers seal up any problem area on the front of the teeth, such as a hairline crack. When the tooth is properly cleaned beforehand, a veneer will prevent that problem from getting worse. But there are more benefits. Veneers are stain resistant, helping keep your smile bright and clean-looking. They last a long time, sometimes more than 20 years. Correcting imperfections with dental veneers will improve your confidence. And all of this is done quickly and painlessly. Call our dental office to schedule your veneers Aventura, FL appointment.

How Are They Placed?

First, the team at our Aventura, FL dental office will thoroughly clean your teeth to prepare them for the veneers. A nontoxic adhesive is applied to the front of each prepared tooth, and Dr. Bistritz will carefully and artfully place the veneers in the right position. The adhesive bonds the veneer to the tooth, creating a long-lasting and very strong connection. Overall, it can take a few appointments before the veneers are all placed and the treatment is complete.

What Makes Them Prepless?

Normally, porcelain veneers require  removal of a very thin layer of enamel on each tooth getting a veneer. This ensures the veneers are flush with your teeth, making them look more natural in your mouth. But thanks to advances in dental technology, Dr. Bistritz has veneers so thin, they can sit flush with your teeth without removing any enamel. They are called “prepless” veneers because the teeth do not need to be prepared before using adhesive.

Our prepless porcelain veneers Aventura, FL can protect your teeth, make them stronger, and cover over imperfections so you can have the beautiful smile you deserve. If you have any questions about our porcelain dental veneers Aventura, FL, or to schedule your next appointment, call us today at 786-681-1127 or use our convenient online form.


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