You need your teeth to look good and function right. If you think your smile looks ugly, then you can lose self-confidence and have more trouble socializing for fear someone will make fun of you. But you also need your mouth to let you eat, talk, and drink without any discomfort or pain. Sometimes, a dental treatment can fix one of these problems but leave another untouched. Cavities are probably the most common problem you’ll face with your teeth, and thanks to our composite tooth fillings Aventura, FL, we can fix your teeth so they both look and work right.

When Fillings Are Needed

Tooth fillings have a single, simple purpose: to fill in permanent damage to a tooth caused by decay. When harmful bacteria begin to thrive in your mouth, they can secrete an acid that eats away at your tooth’s enamel. Bacteria are so small that such damage is microscopic at first. But bacteria love sugar and other carbohydrates, so if you eat poorly and neglect brushing and flossing, those bacteria can grow fast. The microscopic damage caused by their acid gets out of control, and the damage to your enamel becomes noticeable.

This damage is called a cavity (also known as tooth caries). If ignored, cavities will continue to grow, causing the tooth to become sensitive or even painful as the enamel is eroded away. In bad cases, the tooth might have to be removed. That’s why the best treatment plan is to catch a cavity early. If Dr. Bistritz spots a cavity with our X-rays and exam, he will often recommend tooth fillings to repair the damage.

How Fillings Are Placed

Before a tooth filling can be placed, all of the decay must be removed. Otherwise, the bacteria are still there and will continue to erode the enamel. Since enamel doesn’t have any nerves, the dental cleaning and tooth filling process is normally painless. But because decay can get close to the nerves inside the tooth, a local anesthetic is often used as a precaution.

Once the decay is taken out, a small area surrounding the decay is etched. This gives the filling a rougher surface to bond to, making its hold on the tooth stronger. Then the filling material is carefully placed in the cavity and surrounding area. Dr. Bistritz will harden the tooth filling with a light and then properly shape the filling to fit naturally in your tooth, smoothing out any rough spots and making it look normal. We also polish the tooth fillings right afterward to make sure they feel smooth and natural as well.

Why Composite Fillings Are Better And Safer Than Metal

Decades ago, dentists typically used a metal amalgam material to fill in a cavity. Silver, gold, and sometimes even mercury was used. However, modern research shows that metal fillings can actually put more stress on the tooth, increasing the chance of more damage. Besides, no one likes to smile and show off silvery metal. Dr. Bistritz uses a composite resin for all of his fillings. This material is safer than metal amalgam, and it can be made with the same color as the tooth it’s going in, making it virtually invisible.

Tooth fillings are a tried-and-true method of repairing teeth damaged from tooth decay. And thanks to the composite tooth fillings used at our Aventura, FL dental office, these repairs will be almost impossible to notice. If you have any questions about cavities and composite tooth fillings, or if you are ready to schedule your next tooth fillings Aventura, FL appointment, call us at 786-681-1127 or use our convenient online form.


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