Even a small problem can look large when on your teeth. A tiny chip or small blemish can stand out like a broken plate on the dinner table. And when you realize how easy it is to spot, you start to wonder how many other people can see it, too. Cosmetic dentistry procedures can hide or even take away the problems, so that all other people will see is a bright, healthy smile. But some of these procedures can be a bit expensive. At our Aventura, FL dental office, we provide an affordable option with tooth bonding Aventura, FL. These dental treatments can restore your teeth back to their original, healthy appearance.

What Is Tooth Bonding?

For this dental treatment, a tooth-colored resin is applied to your teeth. This putty-like resin can be altered to match the color of your particular teeth. It coats the front of your teeth, filling in and covering over stains, chips, and similar imperfections. When it is set with a special light, it becomes as hard as your enamel. If you have small gaps between your teeth, stains from coffee or wine, or chips from regular wear and tear, tooth bonding can get rid of such problems.

But tooth bonding can also improve your dental health. Small amounts of damage like chips and cracks can eventually fracture your teeth. The resin used in tooth bonding fills in and smooths over those places, making the tooth stronger. Tooth bonding can also be used to protect an exposed tooth root. And because the resin covers the front of your teeth, it can even help reduce sensitivity to hot and cold foods.

Then there are the emotional benefits. By getting rid of the things that you know are standing out like a sore thumb, you will be more confident and happier with your smile. Call our dental office to schedule your appointment with our Tooth Bonding Aventura, FL.

How Is Tooth Bonding Done?

Before anything else, our dental team will prepare your tooth by making sure it is clean. Then, your enamel is slightly and painlessly etched so the resin has more surface area to adhere to. Next, Dr. Bistritz applies the resin material over the front of your tooth. He will shape the resin to fill in any chips and cover any small gaps next to your tooth, making sure it looks natural. After he hardens the resin with a light, he will polish the tooth to create a smooth surface that looks, feels, and acts just like a healthy tooth. Normally, all of this can be done in a single visit.

Does Tooth Bonding Require Any Special Care?

The tooth-colored resin used in tooth bonding can be stained by coffee, tea, and smoke just like regular enamel, so these staining substances should be completely avoided for the first few days following the procedure. The only long-term care needed is brushing, flossing, and regular cleanings and exams at our Aventura, FL dental office.

Tooth bonding is a fast and affordable way to both protect and beautify your teeth. To schedule your next appointment, or if you have any questions about whether tooth bonding or dental bondingis right for you, call us at 786-681-1127 today or use our convenient online form.


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