There are many reasons you might not like the look of your teeth. Stains from coffee and smoke can be corrected with teeth whitening, and small imperfections like chips or cracks can be fixed with tooth bonding or dental veneers. But what if you don’t like the size of your teeth? Thinking your teeth are the wrong size can be just as debilitating as thinking they’re the wrong color. If your teeth are too small, you can use our gum recession Aventura, FL to shrink the size of your gums and make your teeth look longer. But if the opposite is the problem — if your teeth look too long — our gum recession treatment can help.

What Is Gum Recession?

Gum recession is a more common dental problem than most people realize. It’s when the gumline is too high. This can expose the root of a tooth that is supposed to be hidden underneath the gums. Such exposure puts the tooth at a much higher risk for decay and even tooth loss. But gum recession also happens when gaps form between the teeth and the gumline.

This is more than just a cosmetic dentistry issue, although the look of unusually long teeth can make you feel less confident and happy. When pockets form as the gums recede, it creates breeding grounds for harmful bacteria. This can lead to infection, which in turn can help cause the loss of your teeth.

What Causes The Gums To Recede?

There are a number of reasons your gums can start to recede. Periodontal disease is a common cause. When bacteria get below the gumline, they can cause the gums to pull away slightly from the teeth. Certain prescription medications can affect your gums, as well as brushing too strongly with a hard-bristled brush. Sometimes, gums recede because of hormonal changes like puberty or menopause. Even untreated plaque and tartar can make the gums move over time.

How Can Gum Recession Be Treated?

The exact procedure for treating gum recession depends on how much the gums have receded. If it’s a mild case, sometimes just removing the built-up plaque and tartar with scaling and root planing can help the gums return to where they belong. If your gums are infected, managing the periodontal disease should help as well.

If the case is worse, Dr. Bistritz can use gum grafts to protect the exposed teeth. This is when a small amount of tissue from your mouth or another source is removed and grafted onto your gums. Once healed, the grafted tissue becomes a normal part of your gums and solves the problem of receding gums.

Whether your gums are receding due to periodontal disease, neglect, or just in response to changes in your body, we can offer gum recession Aventura, FL to help your gums and teeth look more natural. To schedule your next appointment for gum recession treatment, or if you have any questions about gum recession Aventura, FL, call us at 786-681-1127 or use our online form.



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