There are times when you may need specialized care like cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery. Despite your best efforts, accidents and bad luck can happen. Brushing and flossing regularly certainly helps, but there’s only so much you can do at home without specialized education and tools. At our dental office in Aventura, FL, we have the general dentistry treatment you need to correct and prevent small problems before they get worse.

Dental Cleanings & Exams

Unless you’re a child, you should be going to your medical doctor for regular dental exams. That’s because issues can arise even if you lead a healthy lifestyle, and it’s much better to catch those issues early. Not only can they be treated better, but they can also be less expensive that way. The same is true in dentistry. By coming to our dental office for a dental exam every six months, we can spot any issues and work to correct them while they’re still small. Plus, your teeth need a more thorough dental cleaning than regular toothbrushes and floss can provide. Dr. Bistritz and our team have the advanced training and tools necessary to give dental cleanings and exams you need to stay healthy.

Fluoride Treatments And Sealants

It’s no secret that fluoride helps maintain healthy teeth, which is why we have fluoride treatments. Fluoride helps prevents cavities and can repair microscopic damage to the enamel, and while there’s a good amount in your toothpaste, we can use prescription-strength fluoride varnishes. This allows the fluoride to penetrate deep in your teeth, increasing its preventive power.

Sealants are another preventive treatment we can offer. This thin coating smooths out the grooves and depressions in your teeth, especially the molars. By covering these natural imperfections, sealants make it harder for bacteria and cavities to harm your teeth.

Protective Mouthguards

Prevention is always worth it, but you can do more than just protect against cavities. Mouthguards are often a requirement in today’s sports, and for good reason. Your teeth can be easily damaged by collisions or injuries, especially with contact sports. We can make customized mouthguards to wear while playing that protect your teeth from harm. We can also make mouthguards to be used for bruxism, or grinding and clenching your teeth unconsciously. Teeth grinding can slowly damage the enamel, so a mouthguard will help prevent such damage.

Nutritional Counseling

You know how sugary foods and drinks can hurt your teeth, but it’s about more than just sweets. For example, diet soda can erode the enamel even though it has no sugar. While there’s nothing wrong with the occasional treat, your diet impacts your dental health. Dr. Bistritz has the education to offer nutritional counseling, so you know what foods you should focus on and what to limit or avoid.

Prevention is preferable to waiting until there’s a serious problem. With our general dentistry treatment such as dental cleanings, dental exams, fluoride treatments, mouthguards, and more, you can keep your teeth healthy for years. To schedule your appointment with our General Dentistry Aventura, FL, or if you have any questions, call us at 786-681-1127 today or use our convenient online form.



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