Your mouth is complex, and there are a lot of parts that need attention. Gums, tongue, inner cheeks, lips, jawbone, jaw joints, and, of course, teeth all need to be functioning properly and working together. When one or more of these parts starts to fail, there are many dental procedures that can be done to fix the situation. For example, if a tooth is infected by bacteria, a root canal can save the tooth and protect the rest of your mouth. Crooked teeth can let food collect along the gumline and push other teeth out of their proper place, which can be treated with Invisalign clear plastic aligners.

But what if you have multiple problems at once? If you need work done on several parts of your mouth to correct problems, a full-mouth reconstruction Aventura, FL might be the best plan for you.

What Is A Full-Mouth Reconstruction?

A full-mouth reconstruction is a dental treatment plan that includes many different procedures. If you just have one problem, we will treat that one problem. When you have several that need attention, it’s better to create a plan to see what needs to be done and in what order. WIthout a proper plan in place, you might have to redo certain procedures. Think of it as a comprehensive strategy to get you back to full dental health and function.

What Procedures Might Be Included?

Before anything else is done, you will need to come into our dental office in Aventura, FL for a complete and thorough dental cleaning and exam, including digital X-rays. This lets Dr. Bistritz get an accurate picture of where the problems are, which lets him know what dental treatments and procedures might be needed. However, Dr. Bistritz would speak with you about all of his findings and recommendations so you are fully aware of what your options are.

After your consultation, the two of you will create a treatment plan that spells out what procedures to do. While we cannot list everything that might be included, here are some typical options:

  • Dental implants: artificial tooth roots implanted into your jawbone to replace missing ones.
  • Mini implants: smaller than regular implants and used when the jawbone is too weak.
  • All-on-4 implants: four implants used to secure an arch of artificial teeth.
  • Dental bridges: artificial teeth held in place by caps on neighboring teeth.
  • Invisalign: “invisible braces” to move teeth to their proper direction and location.
  • Dentures: full or partial dentures to replace a row or arch of missing teeth.
  • And more

Who Should Get A Full-Mouth Reconstruction?

Since the purpose is to fix many problems at once, not everyone would benefit from such a treatment plan. Plus, you will need to be healthy enough to receive the treatments and, in some cases, local anesthesia. Dr. Bistritz will go over all your concerns and make sure you get the right treatment.

Regardless of how many problems you have with your teeth and mouth, no situation is hopeless. Between the modern technology at our office and Dr. Bistritz’s years of experience, we can put together a full-mouth reconstruction Aventura, FL plan to restore the function and health of your mouth. To schedule your next appointment, or if you have any questions about how we can help reconstruct a healthy mouth for you, call us today at 786-681-1127 or use our convenient online form to set your appointment with Dr. Bistritz’s Full-mouth Reconstruction Aventura, FL.


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