Smiling is a basic part of being human. You can smile without even realizing it, so you need to be able to smile confidently. But if you’re embarrassed about how your teeth look, you are either going to try to hide your mouth or try to stop smiling altogether. That’s not just impossible, it’s sad. No one should be embarrassed to smile, and trying to hide your smile will only look worse. Here at Aventura Dental Center, Dr. Bistritz and his highly trained team have the treatments you need to get you back to showing your smile proudly.

Get Bright, White Teeth With Teeth Whitening

No one likes looking at a set of yellow, stained teeth. It doesn’t matter if the stains come from smoking, wine, coffee, tea, or just plaque. It looks bad, and people instantly notice yellow teeth when you smile. That’s why we’ve seen more and more people coming in for teeth whitening. This simple treatment can take years off your smile, giving you the pearly white teeth everyone loves to look at. At our Aventura, FL office, we use KöR teeth whitening to make your teeth many shades brighter.

Avoid Metal Fillings With Inlays, Onlays, And Crowns

When you have cavities, fillings are sometimes necessary. But if you’re looking to be less embarrassed about smiling, you certainly do not want silvery metal fillings. They stick out every time you open your mouth. Metal fillings have their place, but it’s much better to get one of our tooth-colored fillings. The color is matched to your teeth, so when people see it, they won’t notice anything unusual. And if you need more than just a simple filling, you can get inlays, onlays, or dental crowns. These are colored like your natural teeth as well, but they can seal up and protect against cavities as well as stop any chips or cracks from getting worse.

Cover And Protect Damage With Dental Veneers

For a more permanent solution to stained teeth, and to correct imperfections like small chips or gaps between your teeth, you can always get dental veneers. These are ultra-thin but incredibly strong porcelain shells that are bonded to the front of your teeth. Dental veneers will give your teeth a white, healthy appearance for a long time to come.

Replace Missing Teeth With Bridges And Implants

You may think there are no cosmetic dentistry procedures for a missing tooth, but they exist. In fact, we have two methods to make your smile look whole again. Dental crowns and bridges use tooth-colored crowns to firmly hold an artificial tooth in the gap. The tooth is made specifically for you, so not only will it look natural, but it also will fit the space securely. If you want a stronger and longer-lasting option, a dental implant can be used instead.  

No one wants to hide their ugly smile, and thanks to our training and technology, you can have the bright, confident smile you deserve. To schedule a consultation to discuss how we can improve your smile, call us at 786-681-1127 today or use our convenient online form.


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