Why Try A Dental Bridge?

  • September 28, 2016

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If you live in the Aventura, Florida area, we’d love to see your smiling face in one of our chairs this Autumn. When you don’t have all your teeth, though, it can be hard to fake a smile. That’s where we come in! Dr. Bistritz is an expert in dental restoration services (aka restorative dentistry).

Dental bridges are one of several effective methods used by Dr. Bistritz to replace a lost tooth or multiple teeth.

Since you will want to do something about your painful, embarrassing, and unhealthy situation ASAP, we thought we’d use today’s post to explain the ins and outs of dental bridges. When you are finished reading, be sure to get in touch with our team to schedule your consultation. We’ll get to work quickly so that you can back to the life you’ve been missing!

Dental Bridges Explained

The bad news first: when you have teeth missing, eventually, the surrounding teeth will rearrange themselves and move into the space formerly occupied by the lost tooth. This can affect how well you can bite and chew your food, and it won’t look so great either.

Now the good news: a dental bridge can fill in that gap and provide the support that once came from your missing teeth.

This awesome restorative dentistry treatment can help keep your teeth where they belong and will also boost the appearance of your smile. In all likelihood, your smile will look even better than it did before!

Bridge Support

How your bridge is supported depends on whether you opt for a traditional fixed bridge or an implant-supported bridge. Dr. Bistritz will help you make that determination when you are here for your consultation. Remember you will want to book your visit sooner rather than later!

But here’s the deal: with a traditional bridge, you have two types of crowns. The abutment crowns are on the outside, and these serve as the anchor points for your dental bridge. The crown or crowns in the middle of the bridge are called pontics.

You will have one pontic for each missing tooth, which means a traditional bridge will have two more crowns than the number of teeth that you are missing.

With an implant-supported bridge, we would place dental implants in your jaw instead of reshaping teeth to support the abutment crowns.

You would have one crown for each missing tooth. The number of implants would vary with the size of the bridge, which could include two or more dental crowns.

One way or another, we’ll get you back on-track in a pleasant and painless manner!

Get Started Today!

You already know how embarrassing and unnatural it feels to go through life with missing teeth. And you just learned that Dr. Bistritz and the rest of our highly-skilled crew can change your life for the better with a dental bridge. So, why wait any longer to get started?

Contact us today to schedule your dental bridge consultation in our Aventura, FL dentist’s office!


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