When Gorgeous Teeth Can Matter The Most

  • June 13, 2016

A long time ago, you went to the dentist only when you need a cleaning, or if something was wrong. Had a toothache? You called and made an appointment. The dentist’s office was someplace you had to visit, not a place you would go willingly if you didn’t have to.

Times have changed. More and more people are coming to our dental office in Aventura, FL, not just for restorative work like fillings or dental implants, but for cosmetic dentistry. What used to be reserved for famous actors and politicians is now available to anyone, and people are taking advantage of that to get a smile that looks incredible.

Because like it or not, people judge you by the way you look. Try showing up at a wedding in dirty pajamas and no makeup, and see if you even get in the door. The same is true for your smile. If your teeth look dirty and misshapen, people will judge you accordingly. It’s not right, but that’s reality.


When You’d Want Your Smile To Shine


There’s nothing wrong with just wanting to increase your confidence with a beautiful, white smile. Just like getting a sharp new outfit, a new smile can make you feel happy and self-assured. And because it’s your teeth, you never have to take it off. But there are some special occasions when having that smile people envy can really come in handy.


  • Job interviews: No matter how great your CV and experience are, if you mess up the interview, you are not getting that job. You need to walk in there feeling confident and secure, and having beautiful teeth can do wonders for that.
  • Class reunions: These tend to appear faster than we realize. It can be fun to see how everyone has changed over the years, but instead of people wondering what happened to you, imagine people wondering how you could look so good.
  • Family reunions: Along the same lines, imagine heading to that big family gathering where you see aunts, uncles, and cousins that you never see except for this event. Do you want them talking about why your teeth are yellow and crooked, or do you want them talking about how good you look this year?
  • Weddings and showers: Special events like these are full of people you haven’t seen in a while or at all. You know what they say about first impressions. Do you want yours to be about ugly teeth or a compelling, beautiful smile?
  • Vacations: Even if you’re taking a trip with just your immediate family or a couple of close friends, you are going to be in a lot of pictures. That means your smile is going to be immortalized forever. When you go back over some photos taken of your trip to Disney World or on a cruise, are people going to ask why you’re not smiling in any of them, or are they going to remark at how happy and beautiful you looked?


But What Can You Do About It?


Between the advanced training taken by Dr. Bistritz and the modern tools in our Aventura, FL dental office, we have several different cosmetic dentistry procedures to meet your particular needs. What is cosmetic dentistry? That’s a term covering anything that makes your teeth look better.


  • If your teeth are stained or dull, we can use the KoR teeth whitening system to make your teeth many shades whiter.
  • Tooth bonding applies a very thin layer of a tooth-colored resin to the front of your teeth. Once smoothed and polished, it will fill in any imperfections and even make your teeth look white.
  • Tooth contouring is similar, but instead of adding material to your teeth, we gently remove just enough enamel to smooth out any imperfections.
  • If your teeth look small because your gumline is low, we can use laser gum reshaping to expose more of your teeth, getting rid of “gummy” smiles. We also offer gum recession treatment in case your gums are too high.
  • And if your teeth are crowded or out of alignment, Invisalign can help gently move teeth so your smile looks great.


Cosmetic dentistry used to be so expensive and hard to find that only certain people could get it. But advances in technology has made such treatments available to everyone. Call us at 786-681-1127 to see how we can help give you the perfect smile for that special occasion. Remember, those events tend to sneak up on you. Get your smile ready now.


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