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  • September 30, 2016

Hello and welcome to another September edition of the Aventura Dental Center blog.

We make it our mission to keep you smiling all through life. Our preventive approach to dentistry is based on tons of hands-on experience, continuing education, and technological evolution.

So, with us on your side, you are in good hands. But you have to come around on a regular basis for us to do you any good in regards to the health and appearance of your smile.

Keep reading to hear more about preventive dentistry opportunities in Aventura, FL and then be sure to get in touch with our team to schedule your next appointment with Dr. Bistritz.

Zen And The Art Of Oral Health Maintenance

You only make it harder on yourself when you go too long in between visits to the dentist. If you’d prefer to spare yourself root canals, extractions, and aggressive gum disease treatment, there is an easier way: come see us every 3-6 months!

Professional Cleanings

In spite of your best efforts at home to look after your teeth and gums, the fact is that you do not have the specialized tools needed for deep, thorough cleanings.

In some ways it is like motorcycle maintenance. You can wash the bike and change the oil, but you need to visit a garage for tune-ups if you want to keep your chopper on the road for years to come.

Similarly, Dr. Bistritz (and our intuitive team) have the training and know-how to give your smile the thorough tune-up it needs.

Comprehensive Dental Exams

We have the diagnostic tools and the well-trained eyes required to detect emerging problems before they’ve had a chance to get too big for conservative measures.

For example, our digital X-rays can find cavities and infection in teeth that otherwise look healthy and normal. And our ViziLite Plus uses a special ultraviolet light to help us identify the early stages of oral cancer. Remember, with early detection, oral cancer treatment has a 90+ percent success rate.

As you can see, a small investment now can save you a whole lot of pain and expense down the road. It can also help you save your smile, if not your life.

Other Preventive Measures

Preventative treatments such as dental sealants and fluoride are also available here. The sealants protect the biting surface of your teeth, especially teeth with tiny grooves and crevasses, while the fluoride helps prevent the development of cavities.

The Right Team For You

There is so much that we can do for you here. Keep in mind that all the digital technology and dental treatment plans in the world won’t matter if you don’t have the right people in place.

You will love how everyone here knows the value of being sincere, caring, and friendly, not to mention knowledgeable. The amazing staff here at our Aventura,FL dentist’s office will go above and beyond to make you feel at home.

We can even speak Spanish, Russian, and Hebrew, if that helps you feel more comfortable.

With our modern office, comprehensive solutions, and compassionate staff, we can provide you with the top-notch dental care you deserve.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Bistritz, call us today at 786-681-1127 or contact us online!


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