Tips For Great Oral Health All Summer

  • July 30, 2016

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You just can’t beat summertime in Florida. There is so much going on and so many reasons to smile. Just don’t forget about your dental needs!

From professional cleanings and exams to cosmetic smile makeovers and dental implants, our office in Aventura, has the comprehensive services you will need to stay on track. Whether you are a permanent resident of South Florida or just visiting our stellar beaches, we can help you with emergencies, regular care, and a whole lot more.

As your partner in oral health, we have compiled some preventive dentistry tips for the season. Read on to see what you ought to be doing, and when you are finished, be sure to get in-touch with our team to schedule your next appointment. We’ll be ready to take your smile where it needs to go.

Drink Water Like It’s Water

We all know that drinking water does your body a lot of good, especially in the summer heat. But beyond the health benefits, it can also help keep your breath from becoming offensive by allowing you to produce enough saliva to fight off the bad-breath-causing bacteria. Who wouldn’t want that? Finding water that is fortified with fluoride is even better.

Sugar, Sugar Is A No-No!

Cold fountain Cokes or icy popsicles won’t be much good for your smile in the long run because all that sugar will feed the bacteria that produces cavities. No one wants to deal with restorative treatments in the fall or winter! So, try to limit your intake of such tempting treats.

Brush Like You Mean It!

Even on vacation, you should still be brushing your teeth for 2 minutes or more, at least twice each day. This will keep cavities and disease at bay, and it will leave your mouth feeling clean. That said, brushing is only the beginning as far as hygiene habits go.

Find The Floss

Brushing is great but it is never going to be enough. To go after the plaque and tartar that remains between your teeth and in other hard to see areas, dental floss is the tool you’ll need.

Rinse With Mouthwash

There are fluoride mouthwashes available that can bring added oral health benefits. It is a nice way to finish off your routine. And it is easy.

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We want to see your smiling face every 3-6 months. Our professional teeth cleanings can take care of any bacteria, tartar, or plaque that is waiting to cause problems for you down the road. We can also offer sealants and fluoride treatments for extra protection.

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