How To Pick A Dentist For Cosmetic Dentistry

  • July 5, 2016

Your teeth have a lot of uses. Sure, their main purpose is to chew your food so you can eat. They also help you speak. But if you have any cosmetic issues with your teeth, you know they can also be used to embarrass you. That’s why cosmetic dentistry has become more popular. It’s not simply being vain; it’s being smart.


Picking Your Dentist Is Important


But when you want to make your teeth look better, how do you find the right dentist? You don’t want to pick someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing, but there are many dentists in the area who claim they can help. Here are some factors you should keep in mind when choosing a dentist for cosmetic dentistry, and why Dr. Bistritz is a great choice.

  • Modern technology. There have been a lot of advances in dentistry in the past few decades, so you want to work with a dentist who has up-to-date technology. Stuff from the 1970s is just not going to cut it. But having the absolutely latest equipment can be a bit risky, as the technology has not been proven. At Aventura Dental Center, we have that sweet spot of modern but proven technologies. For example, our digital X-rays are very accurate but with less radiation, and our ViziLite oral cancer screening can spot signs not normally seen.
  • Continuing education. Modern cosmetic dentistry treatments are important, but what good are they if the dentist and staff don’t know how to use them effectively? That’s why you need a dentist who not only has the right degree but also has continued to take courses and stay current. Since he began his own practice in 1990, Dr. Bistritz has taken continuing education courses so he knows the newest techniques and research. In fact, Dr. Bistritz has been named an Invisalign Preferred Provider to recognize his experience and training in this clear braces solution.
  • Knowledgeable, caring staff. Such knowledge should not stop at the dentist. To get good results, and to feel comfortable getting them, you need a dental office where the staff knows the value of treating you like a real person. At our office in Aventura, FL, Dr. Bistritz and his staff are fully aware of dental anxiety and the issues it brings. They go out of their way to help you feel welcomed and relaxed for your cosmetic treatment.
  • How much is done in-house. Unless you like driving all over the Miami-Dade area, you’ll want to avoid dental offices where the dentist does only part of the work. In some practices, the dentist is either too specialized or not trained in certain procedures and needs to send you elsewhere for the work. A classic example is the dentist not trained in braces or Invisalign, so he sends you to see an orthodontist. Almost all of the work is done right here in our office with Dr. Bistritz. He and his staff have the training needed to offer a wide array of cosmetic dentistry procedures.
  • Right amount of experience. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with visiting a dentist fresh out of school, you probably want to choose someone with experience. After all, applying resin for tooth bonding, placing dental veneers, or crafting the right color for a bridge’s replacement tooth is a mix of science and skill. Yet you might not want to go with someone who has been around so long that they are stuck in their ways and refuse to change with the times. Dr. Bistritz opened his own practice in 1990 and has been at the same location since 1997. That gives him 26 years of experience — just the right amount.
  • Focus on the patient, not the procedures. Cosmetic dentistry can make some dentists a good amount of money, so some offices might pressure you into getting procedures that you don’t need or even want. However, you want a dental office that is focused on your needs, not the needs of the dentist. Dr. Bistritz and his staff take pride in being patient-centered, and they will fully explain all your options. This way, you can work together to pick the right cosmetic dentistry treatment for you.
  • Great testimonials and results. In the end, you want cosmetic dentistry to help you look better. What better way to determine if that’s possible than looking at actual results? On our website, we have a smile gallery that showcases before-and-after photos to see how we have transformed smiles in the past. We also have a page dedicated to testimonials from our real patients, so you can hear about our great cosmetic dentistry results in their own words.

Cosmetic dentistry is not just a way to make your teeth look their best. It’s a way to help you feel your best. When you are confident about your smile, great things tend to happen. To learn more about how Dr. Bistritz is uniquely qualified to provide you with excellent cosmetic dentistry treatments, call us today at 786-681-1127.


TITLE: Picking A Dentist For Cosmetic Dentistry In Aventura, FL

META: Cosmetic dentistry is a good choice, but how do you pick the right dentist? Call us at 786-681-1127 to hear about how Dr. Bistritz can help.

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